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4d Betting

4d Online Betting Singapore

Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany have a lottery known as 4-Digits (stylised as 4-D). Players pick a number between 0000 and 9999 to play and match 4d toto results. Following that, 23 winning numbers are selected each time. If one of the 4d results matches the one purchased, they win a prize. The game 4-Digits has set odds.

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The Malaysian government has granted its first license to a 4D operator, Magnum 4D, to run 4D. Since this is a particularly well-liked game in Singapore and Malaysia, other lottery operators quickly followed suit.

How To Buy 4D Online

  1. Choose a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999 to play 4D.
  2. GST is included in the minimum price of $1
  3. Drawings are held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6.30 p.m.
  4. Each draw yields 23 sets of 4D numbers that win throughout five reward categories.
  5. If you wager on any of the 23 winning 4D numbers, you win a prize.